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Who Reads Comic Books?

Comic books, like the movie industry, they are fast-changing today. The people who create comic books, especially for major publishers are overwhelmingly male. This is probably because comic book readership has always been a predominantly male demographic, and the recent trend of female comic book readers may be taking comic book publishing into a whole new era. The following are five of the more surprising facts about comic books:

  • Is there still a market for female readers? There are many female readers today that are not comic book readers, and there have been for years. The women who read comic books, specifically for major publishers, tend to be women with careers and/or families. Women’s comic book readership continues to grow at a steady rate, as comic book readership continues to broaden. As more women become interested in comics, the more women will see themselves as comic book readers.
  • How many comics do you think sell every month? Many comic book publishers continue to release titles that have been popular for a while, but the sales of these titles often remain low. In the end, however, most comic book publishers realize that their product can’t stand on its own without readers, and they will frequently produce a series that can carry the title and appeal to a wide audience. Of course, the most popular titles often become the most popular sellers, so there is no reason for comic book publishers not to keep publishing them. Additionally, many publishers will create a series of graphic novels to help boost sales.
  • Who reads them? One of the most common questions about comics is whether women or men read them. While the answer to this question may vary from person to person, generally speaking, women do tend to read comic books in greater numbers than men. Women also spend more time reading comic books than men do. Women are also much more likely than men to buy graphic novels.
  • What age group do women fall into? Comic books for girls are sold in a wide variety of sizes, from super-small to very large. Younger girls are particularly drawn to small comics, especially when they are part of a family collection. Young adult women tend to gravitate toward titles that are a little larger, and scope. Men in their forties and fifties often have a hard time purchasing comics, but they are happy to read them if they are a part of a collection.
  • Who’s making them? Many people have misconceptions about women who make comics. Some people believe that women who are not in the industry make up most of the people who create comic books. This may have been true a few years ago, but the numbers just don’t support it. Most comic book creators are male.
Reads Comic Books
  • Who creates the stories? Many comic book publishers will hire female writers, artists, and colourists who come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some female writers are creating a superhero series, and some many female artists and colourists are creating a comic book series about female characters.
  • Why do they have to die? Even if comic book publishing isn’t dying, indeed, the industry is still changing quickly. Over the years, new publishers will come and go, and new readers will be attracted to the format, so the popularity of your favorite titles may not stay the same.
  • Who gets to be a part of a team? There has always been an inclination among some women to see themselves as a part of a group, even though they don’t feel like part of a family or in a family. When you buy a comic book, you get to make a family member or friend into a member of the world that you live in with your favourite comic book characters.
  • Who creates the characters? Comic book creators are often women, but sometimes they are men as well. Some writers and artists come from all kinds of backgrounds. including art history, science, drama, and writing. And the number of women writers and artists producing titles is growing, so there are many more women writing and drawing comic books today than ever before.
  • Who’s creating the plots and back-stories? The people who come up with the plots and back-stories are not always women. While there are many female comic book writer/artists, it’s not uncommon for them to be male. The creators of plots are usually men, and the creative team behind the scenes are often men too.

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