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ANZAC Day 2018 - 25/04/2018
ANZAC Day Cheers to all that serve and all that have served their country.

We'll be closed for the day - but back in Action tomorrow!


2018 - The Eastering! - 27/03/2018
Happy chocolate, rabbits and rebirth weekend to you all!

Just letting you know we'll be closed on Good Friday, but open the rest of the weekend, with a shorter day on Monday!


EASTER SATURDAY 31st March - OPEN - 10.30am -5pm
EASTER SUNDAY 1st April - OPEN - 11am - 3pm
EASTER MONDAY 2nd April - OPEN - 11am -3pm


Australia Day 2018 - 26/01/2018
Happy Australia Day!

We'll be closed on the Day (Fri 26th Jan) -

But back open and back to regular hours on Saturday 27th January - with new comics for the week!

Christmas & New Years 2017/18 - 23/12/2017
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year - Happy Holidays and Hot Summer Nights from us here at Graphic Action Comics!

We'll be open most of the Holidays - and should still be receiving our weekly new comic deliveries - but we'll be closed on a few key dates -

CHRISTMAS EVE (Sunday 24th December) - OPEN 11am-3pm
CHRISTMAS DAY (Monday 25th December) - CLOSED
BOXING DAY (Tuesday 26th December) - CLOSED

NEW YEARS EVE (Sunday 31st December) - OPEN 11am-3pm
NEW YEARS DAY (Monday 1st January 2018) - CLOSED

All the other days will be regular trading hours! Enjoy your break - we'll make sure your new comics don't go on holiday while you are!

Queens Birthday 12th June 2017! - 11/06/2017
It's the Queens Birthday - or at least the public holiday for it - on Monday 12th June!

The good news is - We'll be open!

The bad news is - we'll be open for a short stretch - from 11am - 3pm!

Drop on by if you didn't want to miss out on working for a day AND miss out on comics for the weekend!

Happy Birthday Liz II!

Free Comic Book Day 2017! - 1/05/2017
Saturday 6th May 2017 - First Saturday in May - Join us for Free Comic Book Day 2017! One title from the official selection per customer - and a second if you spend $25 or more! Check out the full list here!

Choose carefully before the day to speed uo the process, although some of these won't last, so maybe make a few choices just in case, and we limit one copy of any one title per customer as to keep the selection fair!

Anzac Day 2017 - 24/04/2017
Happy Anzac Day! We'll be taking the time to remember and honour those that served , and those that are serving - and will be closed for the day. Cheers to the diggers and beyond - and enjoy Anzac Day responsibly!

Easter 2017 Hours! - 14/04/2017
"Good Friday! Holy Easter Batman!" - said Burt Ward as Robin in the classic 1966 Batman TV series, never.

Our Opening Hours over Easter Weekend are -

Good Friday - 14th April - CLOSED
Saturday 15th April - Open 10.30am - 5pm
Easter Sunday - Open 10.30am - 3.30pm
Easter Monday 16th April - Open 10.30am - 3.30pm

All the best for Holy Chocolate weekend!

Australia Day 2017! - 24/01/2017
Crikey! Strewth! Australia Day this Thursday 26th January!

Obviously, being the patriots we are, we'll be taking this most important of national days - off - sitting on the lounge, reading, vaguely watching the cricket, vaguely checking the Hottest 100, doing a monthly order - because - 'Straya, and stuff. If all goes well - we'll have this weeks stuff on Friday!



2016/17 Holiday Hours - 26/12/2016
Happy Santas , Merry 2017s and Jolly Good Show y'all. (traditional holiday greetings).

We'll be closed Christmas and Boxing Day - but open again on 27th December holiday (Sunday Hours) - and back open until New Years Eve, whereafter we'll take a day to nurse our aching heads before getting stuck into 2017!


Christmas Day (25th Dec) - CLOSED
Boxing Day (26th Dec) - CLOSED
Tuesday 27th Dec (Public Holiday) - OPEN 10.30am-3.30pm


New Years Day (1st January 2017) - CLOSED
Monday 2nd January 2017 (Public Holiday) - 10.30am - 3.30pm

Merry FestiveWeekus!

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